Shades of Blue (2021)

We’re currently living in a society that is driven by fear. We continue day by day in this heightened and suppressed state, becoming increasingly apathetic to the need for change. When the cries of the people are ignored only chaos ensues. What do we do with these feelings of anger and fear we continue to experience this year due to confinement and isolation? Shades of Blue takes us into the heat of a protest and looks at the effects of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement on a generation that longs for freedom and peace. Shades of Blue is inspired by Geometry of Fear, a work originally commissioned by Messums Wiltshire.

Written, Choreographed & Directed - Anthony Matsena and Kel Matsena

Lighting Design - Ryan Joseph Stafford

Composed - Lara Agar

Costume design - Adam Martin

Conceptual Assistance - Arnold Matsena, Monique Humphreys, Ryan Joseph Stafford and Lara Agar Sekou Diaby

Assistant Choreographer - Arnold Matsena

Additional Music - Anthony Matsena

Performers - Alethia Antonia, Harvey Burke-Hamilton, Anthony Matsena, Arnold Matsena, Kel Matsena,

Cher Nicolette Ho

Commissioned by BBC Arts and Sadler’s Wells

Kindly supported by Riverside Studios