“But here they are, and the uncertainty spreads through the air like cracks in the mirror. Something curious and inquisitive but guarded in their approach. One is passive, the other aggressive. One reaches, the other retreats, and then like the tipping of a seesaw the other lurches forward, with intent and desire to grab, to hold, to ascertain something and the other folds like paper, like a lifeless body. And this goes on and on, forever flipping, forever fluctuating” William Bridgland

Choreography Anthony Matsena

Composer Lara Agar

Cast William Bridgland, Antonin Granier, Eddie Hookham, Seung Hyun Lee, Conor Kerrigan Camille Lemonnier, Rosalie Warner

Lighting and Costume Anthony Matsena

Out Of Options" 3 unforgiving works that deal with the ramification of loss through short stories of growing up in a world engulfed in brutality, inanity, protest, and love.