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Set in a post-pandemic world where a young man, ‘Dre’ feels he’s been left behind and everyone else in the world around him seems to have moved on. Stuck in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, Dre undergoes a series of nightmares that send him on a journey to find hope through his trauma.


"For this film, we really wanted to explore the balance between poetic language and dance. We wanted the dancing to be part of the characters, not their occupation. We’ve found that characters in dance films are simply dancers which often can limit the possibilities of the storyline." 

Writing, Choreography and Direction - Anthony Matsena and Kel Matsena

Alex Harmon - DOP/Editor/Sound Design

Ryan Joseph Stafford - Lighting

Adam Martin - Costume Design

Lara Agar - Original Score Composition

Harvey Burke-Hamilton & Monique Humphreys & Anthony Matsena - Additional Music

Reece Calver - Camera Operator

Harry Cooke - Camera & Sound Operator

Robert Price - BTS Camera Operator

Velocet - Studio Technical Management 

Jack Holloway - Lighting Assistant

Cinematag - Lighting Supply

Monique Humphreys - Makeup Artist

Arnold Matsena - Production Manager

Charlie Layburn & Shane David-Joseph & Monique Humphreys - Script Consultants

Ryan Joseph Stafford & Monique Humphreys & Arnold Matsena - Producers

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