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When brothers Anthony and Kel saw a lack of representation in schools, on stage and on screen during their dance training, they founded Matsena Productions as a response to this. Their ambition is to encourage people to have important conversations about the difficulties faced by people of colour in society today. 

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Anthony and Kel created Geometry of Fear for Messums Wiltshire, which was later developed, leading to the creation of Shades of Blue for Sadler’s Wells and BBC Arts’ mini-series Dancing Nation.


Through their upbringing in an afrocentric house with eurocentric schooling, the Zimbabwean-Welsh brothers have built a love and curiosity for telling stories that express themes of culture, race, change and belonging.

The work the company does extends far beyond the reach of their incredible performances. Matsena Productions collaborates with leading arts organisations to deliver workshops, classes, mentorships and community engagement programmes nationwide. Using the arts as a vehicle for change, they are engaging with groups of all ages to explore how the arts can be a vehicle for change.

Delivering work on such a wide scale requires resources and support. By donating to Matsena Productions you are helping fund vital work to engage young people from a range of backgrounds and ensuring the work the company does continues with momentum.


We are proud to be working with Black Minds Matter UK amongst other organisations to champion the values we believe in. Learn more about our partnerships here.

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