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The Cost of Living with National Theatre Wales

A Swansea Grand night-out of music, theatre and protest

Opened March 2023


A three-part experience directed by Lorne Campbell, Anthony Matsena and Kel Matsena that takes a two-fingered swipe at the cost of living crisis. Join us for some of it, or all of it. It’s your choice.

Counting the Cost of Living

When things always seem to get worse, it’s hard to see how things will ever get better. We want to connect you with the powerful over a shared meal. Rather than politicians, police chiefs, council leaders and commissioners answering the questions, they will instead be asking you. You’ll get to explain your experiences of the crisis to the people and institutions who define your life, and share the daily price you pay. We want to explore how it doesn’t have to be like this.

There is limited capacity for Counting the Cost of Living. Reserve your spot here once you’ve booked your ticket.


Presented across multiple screens, you’ll also watch a moving portrait of today’s real Joseph K’s drawn from communities across South Wales most affected by the cost of living crisis.

Joseph K and the Cost of Living


Jo K has a well-paid job in financial services. K barely notices the growing chaos all around on the walk to work each morning, the homeless lining the street, the food banks, the anger, the protests, the relentless rise of the cost of living, and those who cannot afford to meet it. Until one day, K is arrested. No-one will tell K what the charges are, but still they must be answered. Suddenly K is on the outside looking in, and it’s cold and frightening out here. 


Emily White’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, weaves the nightmare of arrest and trial into a performance that highlights the never-ending price we pay at the mercy of arbitrary, unaccountable and insatiable power.


Our ensemble cast directed by Lorne Campbell with Anthony and Kel Matsena ask us to consider the absurdity of our relationship with power in a funny, physical and powerful take on Kafka’s classic tale.

F**k the Cost of Living


Join Minas for a performance full of joy and catharsis. Protest music for the moment, and for Wales. Joined by some very, very special guests, including HMS Morris and Ayoub Boukhalfa. 

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