The revolution cannot be televised. Shades of Blue is a work that beats to the tune of change through the means of a potent mix of dance, poetry, theatre and music where performance and protest clash, flirt and mould. 

Conceived by artistic brothers Kel and Anthony Matsena, Shades of Blue is a work crafted for our times. Delivered by a cast of nine performers, the work traverses through thunderous choreography, quivering text and a slick but trembling score that will not only make the audience rethink their position in society but celebrate a stronger future which we all have a part in moulding.

Artistic Directors: Anthony Matsena & Kel Matsena 

Associate Director: Arnold Matsena 

Lighting Designer: Ryan Joseph Stafford 

Associate Lighting Designer: Charly Dunford

Dramaturg: Alfred Enoch 

Assistant Writer: Charlie Layburn

Music Composer: Beth Lewis 

Music Composer: Lara Agar

Costume Designer: Cory Shipp

Rehearsal Director: Olivia Grassot

Co-produced by Sadler’s Wells and DanceEast. Supported by Taliesin Arts Centre, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Black History Wales, Messums Wiltshire, Race Council Cymru, Swansea Grand Theatre, Arts Council England and Arts Council Wales. 

"The movement doesn’t just happen, it detonates: a feeling consolidated by Ryan Joseph Stafford’s epic lighting effects" - Louise Levene, The Financial Times

"There is no grand finale, just a political message that punches right between the eyes. It is daring, bold and essential viewing." - Maggie Foyer, SeeingDance

"The cast of nine burst on to the stage with intense energy, projected outwards in a flurry of isolations, pops and freezes (the Matsenas’ background is in hip-hop, but they bring the same raw urgency to more contemporary moves), yet directed inwards it becomes increasingly tormented and destructive.” - Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian