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One Another at NDCW. Photo by Mark Douet I80A5122.jpg

Codi emerges from the ashes to inspire us in 2022 with a powerful and energetic story about the strength in communities banding together to tackle the hardships of life through troubled times. 


Built on the foundations of Welsh mining stories told though dance, song, poetry and theatre, the audience is wrapped in a blanket of darkness before being led towards a light of hope and celebration.

Directed and Choreographed by Anthony Matsena 

Written and Assisted by Kel Matsena 

Dramaturg: Charlie Layburn 

Composer: Lara Agar

Costume Design: Danna Sim
Set Design: Cory Shipp

Lighting Design: Ryan Joseph Stafford

"The most ambitious work is Codi, by Anthony Matsena, with input from his writer brother Kel." - Lyndsey Winship - The Guardian

"Combined with Matsena’s arrangement of bodies this gives the work moments of painterly beauty, reminiscent of past masters such as Caravaggio." - Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper

"The narrative is clear and pertinent. In an evening of strong expression, Codi is the clearest and profoundest statement, very strongly political and very evidently Welsh." -

Chris Lilly, The Reviews Hub

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