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What choices do we have when the seemingly unattainable is all we have left? The only option is new growth: regeneration. 


ReGenerate evolved from the process of bringing new vigor and life to an area after extreme loss. A stellar cast of performers push their limits in the hopes of consoling, conquering, and creating in a damaged world.


Anthony and Kel Matsena bring forth a roaring piece of dance, theatre and music in collaboration with playwrights Charlie Layburn and Shane David-Joseph alongside composers Stelios Antoniou and Lara Agar.


ReGenerate was presented alongside a reimagined version of Matsena Production's previous sell-out performance Out Of Options, as well as new work by Nah Jieying.

Concept, Choreography and Direction - Anthony Matsena and Kel Matsena 

with Jie Ying, George Frampton, Cher Nicolette Ho, Charlie Layburn, Shane David Joseph, Lara Agar, Stelios Antoniou, Harri Claxton, Angelina Gorgaeva, Luke Daniel Croston, Bonni Bogya, Karla Kaucky, James Olivo 

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