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Commissioned by ZOO Venues as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Rituel is a work that places performers under the microscope by testing their morality, beliefs and resolve in overcoming their greatest fears to achieve their hopes & dreams. Boys become Men under the influence that big boys don’t cry. Made to undergo a series of challenges, our performers must fight for a place to call home. But what if that home will only lead to greater captivity. 

Matsena Productions have always been set on blurring the lines between dance and theatre; music and text; performer and audience. Watch as we explore and discover the euphoria of milestones being reached, boundaries broken and new pathways forged. Jump, laugh, cry, sing and join us in our Rituel.

Choreography by Anthony Matsena

Written/Directed/Performed by Anthony Matsena, Charlie Layburn, Shane David-Joseph, Kel Matsena and Joao Saraiva


Composition and Live Music by Joao Saraiva

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