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Tsutseka means "be free" in the Shangani language. The work evolved from the ideas of freedom and liberation. When you choose to forgive instead of seeing the world through bitter eyes, you are free. It was a work that at the time that was responding to the impingement of personal freedom.

Premiered in October 2018 at Sadler’s Wells for the debut show of the Young Associates in the Lilian Baylis Studio Theatre.

Choreography: Anthony Matsena

Performers: JieYing Nah, Harri Claxton, Cher Nicolette Ho, George Frampton, Anthony Matsena

Composition: Stelios Antoniou, Lara Agar

Production Manager and Lighting Design: Antony Hateley

Text: Charlie Layburn and Shane David-Joseph

Music: Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

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