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Inspired by the words of James L. Hallenbeck, M.D

"Death may arrive with a bang, but more often it comes quietly, without so much as a sigh. The moment of death is sacred in the deepest sense, and words do it no justice. It is a time to witness silently a passing. In bewilderment, some family members may become flustered and wish to begin too quickly all the formalities that follow death. I find it useful in such cases to remind family members that there is plenty of time for "arrangements" and suggest that perhaps they should sit for a while. A natural time will come to begin the inevitable work that follows death - both the business of funeral arrangements and the work of grief. We watch for that moment by standing by and being ready to lend a hand when needed."


The work looks at the process needed for the transformation of one from body and spirit to a free-roaming spirit. Premiered at Messums Wiltshire.


Choreographed and Directed by Anthony Matsena

Assistant Choreographer by Kel Matsena and Kennedy Muntanga

Written and performed by Anthony Matsena, Kel Matsena, Kennedy Muntanga 

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