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ACW Support Matsena Productions next steps

Hot on the back of our nomination for the National Dance Awards this week, Arts Council Wales have granted funding for the company as part of its Creative Steps programme. The aim of this programme is to support individuals and organisations who have experienced barriers to accessing ACW funding. Creative Steps aims to address this by supporting artists, creatives, and organisations throughout their developmental journey.

With their support, the company will use the monies to strategy build as it looks towards delivering work for the 2023/24 season. Thank you to to the team at Arts Council Wales for trusting our vision and all the team at Matsena Productions on delivering this win.

A black man in a pale blue suit and tie collapsed on the floor in a pool of light. He raises a hand as if to ask a question.
Kel Matsena in The Cost of Living with National Theatre Wales. Photo: Kirsten McTernan courtesy of NTW


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