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The Future Has Arrived - Follow GALWAD As It Unfolds

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

We’ve been hearing about people receiving messages from the future, and didn’t believe it. But then we received these posts on our company timelines. Either it’s an elaborate hoax … or the year 2052 really is getting in touch. Follow the events to find out more:

Messages have been coming through from lots of sources across social media, including this one:

While reporter Tomos W. Jones has been covering the entire situation live from Swansea, we have also been piecing together evidence to support his claims.

TV, Radio and Websites have all been reporting messages from the future. Have you picked up any messages on your own timeline?

We've been following a young girl in Merthyr Tydfil, Efa, who reports to be from the future.
Could Efa really be from 2052? How has she ended up here, in Wales in 2022?
Follow more of her story and further evidence from our sources below:

More messages - check out this one from someone trying to connect to the future.
Anyone joining up the dots here?

Another message receieved on Thursday 29th September:

Reporter Tomos is keeping us up to date with all the evidence he is gathering but his claims seem substantiated:

As we near the weekend, we are continuing to follow Efa's journey:



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