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The Unlock Moment: Anthony and Kel Matsena in exciting new Podcast with Gary Crotaz

Gary Cortaz alongside Kel and Anthony Matsena in The Unlock Moment Podcast - available now

Join Gary Crotaz alongside our own Anthony and Kel Matsena in a new episode of The Unlock Moment podcast available now across all major podcast platforms.

Gary describes this episode of The Unlock Moment as: "very special, very moving, very powerful. Listening back, I was amazed at Anthony and Kel's richness of thought, their perspective, their wisdom at such a young age, still only in their 20s."

He continues: "If you're like me, you'll be struck by how the tough times could so easily have pushed them to a really dark place, and instead have inspired them to speak through love, joy and empowerment in their creative voice. As with most of our podcasts, we edit them down to give you just the best bits of the conversation. Here it's so compelling, we just couldn't take anything out. Sit back and listen in to this incredible interview with the extraordinary Anthony and Kel Matsena."

We hope you enjoy listening to this fascinating insight into Anthony and Kel's journey towards their standing as two of the biggest emerging artists on the UK dance scene.


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