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Free Dance and Voice Workshop With Anthony and Kel Matsena

17 June 5pm-8pm Hosted by National Dance Company Wales
Join Anthony and Kel Matsena at the The Urdd in Cardiff Bay for workshops that will aim to bring joy and freedom through the power of voice & movement.
Learn a wide range of techniques to use emotion in your creative practice and delve into the power of storytelling. Learn ways the body can communicate complex and engaging stories and discover how the voice can be used to release tension in the body and further energise performance.
Participants will also learn choreography from ‘Shades of Blue’ Anthony and Kel’s new dance work – which uses all of the skills explored in this workshop and demonstrates how effective movement, voice and character can be in presenting a layered performance.

Photo: Laurentina Valackaite

More about NDCW:

National Dance Company Wales makes brilliant dance with and for all kinds of people in all kinds of places.With innovation and imagination, we widen the spectrum of what dance can be so that more people can make, watch, participate in and learn about dance in Wales and across the world.


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